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Are the questions in practice paper updated frequently? If so, how will I get the updates of this?


Yes, the questions in the practice paper are updated, but can’t say frequently. They are changed and modified whenever there is some change in the course objectives and syllabus or can be sometimes updated if they need to be modified in terms of language, grammar etc. But the question is how the user who has purchased a practice paper and the questions has been updated according to modified course syllabus, how will the user came to know about these updates. So, the team at Whizlabs is dedicated to provide you the best services and thus we inform you about each and every related update. As the changes are made in practice paper, you are notified about it and it will be mentioned in your account that the new version of this exam (practice paper) has been released. So that you can view the changes, observe them, practice the questions and can prepare for the latest updated course syllabus.

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